What makes Jerry Vandewater unique is that his vast knowledge of tile roofing was not learned from a manual but, from his years spent installing tile. He is without question the most knowledgeable, hardworking and passionate advocate of the tile roofing industry I have ever met. I am happy to see that Tile Roofing Technology and Jerry Vandewater will continue that same support in the future.
Brett Agne
Advanced Technical Services / 3M
I was very fortunate to have Jerry direct my career twice. Once at Lifetile and again at Monierlifetile. I don’t know anyone person who has done as much as he has for the Tile roofing industry. The foundation of Concrete and Clay roofing tile installation would never be the same without him. He is creative, innovative and is great at improving anything he is involved in. I hope I would be so lucky to work with him again in the future. He is one of the best professionally and I am proud to call him a friend.
Linda Legerton
Territory Sales Manager / Insulfoam by Carlisle
I have known Jerry since the 1980’s and worked closely with him as a member of the technical committee at the Tile Roofing Institute from 1997 to around 2010 or 11. Jerry was the committee chair and together the committee wrote the Cold Weather Installation Manual followed by the Moderate Climate Installation Manual for Concrete and Clay Tile Roofs. The later was a monumental undertaking that resulted in the first industry wide manual which has become the bible for roof tile installation nationwide and the only manual to receive code recognition. I have shared several podiums with Jerry speaking at multiple industry events, Jerry hired me as a consultant when independent counsel was needed, and after years of dissecting and rewriting every word of the manuals we worked on and often arguing the technical details to perfection, I can promise you that this man knows his stuff and is regarded as an industry leader and technical guru when it comes to roof tile and the codes governing its application. Jerry and I learned a lot from each other and I am proud to call him my friend.
Dan Cornwell
President CEO Owner / CC&L Roofing Co, Quality Plus Roofing and Cornwell Consulting Group LLC
Jerry is by Far the most knowledgeable person on tiles I have meet in US. He is driving force behind TRI and Monier. Jerry decades long involvement in tile industry makes him true tile master on all tile aspects especially technical side. Having Jerry in your Address book guarantees answer to any technical issues anybody can throw you at. Martin Leska- Leska Restoration LLC US division
Martin Leska
Managing member-US division / Leska Restoration LLC
Jerry has taught me much of what I know about the roofing industry and best practices of roofing. He is extremely knowledgeable in what works well and what not so well in roofing. He is very honest and works tirelessly to get the job done right. He has always been very helpful to me in my career development and in expanding my knowledge of roofing. I look forward to continue working with him in his new company for many years as his experience and connections are invaluable.
Wade Shepherd
Product Strategy & Development Manager / Boral Roofing
Jerry Vandewater is one of the most capable forensic roofing specialists I know. His practical knowledge of tile roof systems is incorporated throughout all of the Tile Roofing Institute’s installation manuals. Jerry’s down to earth teaching style is suitable for highly technical workshops with experienced personnel and for mechanics just beginning to learn the nuances of tile roof systems. Mr. Vandewater is an extremely credible expert witness in construction class action and in handling single case installation issues in all climatic conditions. He is very professional in demeanor and able to defuse confrontational questions.
Duane Huisken
VP of Marketing and Communications / IAPMO
I have enjoyed working with Jerry on roof tile initiatives. Jerry is a recognized technical expert in the roof tile industry. He has been a leader in designing sustainable roofing systems. These systems improve the durability and energy efficiency of a tile roof.
Whatley Bush
Owner / Summit Green Solutions
Jerry is one of the most experienced and skilled experts on tile roofing (and roofing in general) with whom I worked. He is willing to share his knowledge in constructive ways with those significantly less skilled. Jerry is the “go to” guy in the company for any matter related to tile roofing, from existing practices to evaluation of modifications or potential future changes. While working together he was constantly updating his knowledge in ancillary areas including both safety related for installers and handlers as well as environmental requirements for handling, installation, and disposal to provide the best counsel for the company and its customers. He is an asset to any team and was integral to the success of the company’s innovations and customer services.
Sandra Glenn
Director, Health, Safety and Environmental / CHEP USA
If you ever have any need to work with THE EXPERT in tile roofing systems and related technology, then look no further than Jerry Vandewater. Not only is Jerry incredibly knowledgeable about the various regional requirements across the USA, he is also able to effectively communicate and articulate the pros and cons of different systems in such a well-spoken way that the client cannot help but be completely satisfied. I can speak from personal experience that he is an excellent trainer as well. If you work with tile roofing systems, then you need to work with Jerry Vandewater!
Gordon Clouse, CPIM
Materials/Supply Chain Mgmt / Xcel Energy
I cannot say enough about Jerry – he is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated people I know. He is well recognized in the industry as “the expert in tile roofing” – but this does not fully acknowledge the sincere drive and joy he brings to sharing and teaching others. It was wonderful to work with Jerry, as I learned a lot from him and could always count on him to support our efforts 150%. He is an amazing person and I am honored to have worked with him and know him.
Cheryl Inbody
Integrated Marketing & Sales Management / MonierLifetile
I highly recommend Jerry Vandewater for anything at all to do with Roofing Tile. I worked with Jerry for 8 years. His dedication and vast knowledge of his craft is second to none. Jerry is considered as one of the best and knowledgeable resources by his peers regarding roofing tile. Anyone spending any time with Jerry will come away with a better understanding of all aspects of the roofing tile industry. I have learned a lot from Jerry and I will miss the leadership he brings.
George McMahon
Senior Sales Representative / MonierLifetile
I worked with Jerry for over 5 years at MonierLifetile. He was very instrumental in moving the company forward in new areas that could increase business and profits – Hail Certification program, Cool Roof rating, etc,. He was very knowledgeable in all areas of the business and used that expertise to improve the performance of the company.
Steve Zigich
Quality Director / Walbro Engine Management
Jerry is an aggressive and dedicated advocate. It has been a privilege to work beside Jerry and pick at his brain with questions concerning anything from roofing to our current economic reality. Jerry is honest with a loyalty to his work driven by passion. Jerry is a teacher, leader, and friend. I highly recommend Jerry as a proactive, creative and resourceful business partner.
Kayla Kratz
Product Manager / Boral
Jerry was an extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Every one looked to him for advice. Though I did not work for Jerry when ever I had the opportunity to talk to him I looked forward to it. He had some very forward looking ideas that I believe will be extremely effective.
Sean McCracken
Network Engineer II
I have worked with Jerry for many years in the Roof Tile Industry and he was always well informed and dedicated to the betterment of the roof tile sector. He is one of the most knowledgeable technicians in this industry and I would highly recommend his services and advice.
Gary Manlove, RRO, CSRP
Owner / JBA Consulting