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services-pic1Vandewater Associates Consulting (VCA) offers the epitome of roof tile specific information and consulting services. The consulting services provided cover all aspects of tile roofing, including all of the components that go into making the most long-lasting, trouble-free roof.

Forty years dedicated to tile roofing has prepared VCA to offer unparalleled expertise in all matters related to installation issues or building codes.

Expert in all aspects of tile roofing, VCA project management services help to eliminate problems before they occur or find the most practical solution to disputes.

services-pic2Changing energy codes and building codes have created a new awareness of the value and sustainability of tile roofs and as an active participant in the code change process, VCA is uniquely prepared to advise its clients as to how to best cope with and take advantage of these changes.

Tile roofs may be installed in almost an unlimited set of conditions and climates but the methods and materials used in one case may be dramatically different than might be applied under different circumstances. Having the proper guidance assures the correct system will be installed each time.

VCA has experience in all regions of America and can provide the best solution regardless of whether the primary challenge is coping with ice and snow or dealing with the potential risk of hurricane force winds.



Systems Design

to withstand hurricane force winds, driving rain, snow & ice or blistering desert heat.

Whether your project is at the design stage or involved in negotiations, VCA can provide you with practical suggestions for the best materials and method of application that will assure you that the roof will deliver up to your clients’ expectations.

Problem avoidance is always preferable to remediation but in the event that issues have already arisen, VAC has the product knowledge and years of experience that allows them to recommend sensible solutions that not only solve the problem but minimize the hassles that these situations can sometimes create.


the correct roof flashing and fastening systems is the key to long-term performance of tile roofs.


Proper Preparation
Integrated Components