My name is Jerry and I’m a roofer. Except that I haven’t made a living as an actual roofer for over thirty years. I have however spent the entire last forty years in the roofing industry and although I’ve done a lot more than pound nails for the past thirty years, at heart, I’m still a roofer.

That being said, I’m also a concerned citizen of this fine country and I share in the trials and tribulations of a lot of other Americans who are angry and confused about why it’s so darned hard to get by in this day and age. I’ve got some pretty strong ideas about a lot a different things other than roofing but since I am a roofer, it’s likely that most of my musing will somehow relate to that topic.

The other distinction that you should be aware of right up front is that I am an unabashed advocate for tile roofing. I like things that last and I think that properly installed tile roofs are infinitely superior to the asphalt shingles that contribute over 11 million tons of trash to ours landfills every year in this country.

There are a number of reasons that tile roofs are not currently used extensively in all regions of this country and my goal will be to bust the myths that affect many peoples perspective that tiles aren’t appropriate for their regions. I intend to offer actual facts and will welcome open discussion with anyone interested in intelligent discourse on any of the topics I present.

I’m glad to finally be here and look forward to meeting some of the interesting people who I know are out there. To you – welcome & Cheers!